Since the introduction of electronic prescribing, patients now have the choice to receive their prescriptions electronically from their prescriber as an alternative to a paper prescription.

If you choose to receive your prescription electronically, you have the choice of how you wish to manage your prescriptions. You can choose to receive a token (barcode/QR code) for your prescription, provided either on paper, via SMS, email or via a mobile app (we use myPharmacyLink).

You can also now choose to manage your prescriptions using an Active Script List (ASL). An ASL allows you to manage your prescriptions by safely storing your tokens for their active electronic prescriptions. This removes the need for you to present the token (barcode/QR code) to have your medicines supplied. Following registration for an ASL,  you will be able to share your list of active prescriptions with your chosen Prescribers and Dispensers.

And of course we still dispense from a paper copy.  If you already have a prescription just take a photo of it on your mobile and email it to us at (at  40kb plus) and in the subject line of the email put your mobile number in case we need to contact you.

If you keep your scripts on file with us then message us below which scripts you would like us to dispense for you. Please  add a contact number and approximate pick-up time.

Make sure you bring your prescription with you when you come to collect your medication. Your medication will be ready for collection in two hours from Chifley Pharmacy 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


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